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In 2012, four veteran Christian musicians were separately recruited to play at a wedding in Kansas City. They enjoyed the experience so much that they decided to stay together as a band. Since then they've developed a unique style that they’ve shared  at coffeehouses, bookstores, and a number of church services -- not difficult because they all go to Mill Creek Community Church in Shawnee, Kansas.


Up Past 9 thrives on variety. The band plays a number of contemporary Christian music styles using a distinctive blend of instruments, including cello, cajon, bass, keys, guitar and accordion. More variety: Each band member was born in a different decade, growing up listening to different music and developing their own approach toward bringing their instruments to life. Besides making rehearsals endlessly interesting, those differences bind the band together as they praise God with their music.

Myra is a force to reckon with on the cello, and her soothing vocals help define the unique sound of the group.  Her interest in the instrument started as soon as she could run a bow across the strings while standing on a paint can. As a classically and professionally trained musician, Myra’s tastes in music tend toward solemnness. However she can string together a jazz bass line or belt out a pop tune with enough soul to make Etta James or Cindy Lauper cry.  She is Up Past 9.

Craig had the gift of growing up in Minnesota, near the famous town of Lake Wobegon.  In fact his musical beginnings included participating with Garrison Keeler in the local Lutheran church variety programs as a youth. It wasn’t until the Czechoslovakian community recognized his gift on the accordion that Craig found his niche.  The 60’s had a notable and lasting effects on Craig, but those hours of playing polkas for a dozen or more people at weddings and the steady Friday Fish Fry during Lent really reflect his musical interests. He is Up Past 9.

Cliff’s musical upbringing is rooted in the backwoods of the Ozarks.  As a kid, barefoot and in overalls, before learning to play a guitar his father taught him how to make one from an oil can, twine and a hickory stick. His love of the instrument may have started there, but his vast collection of guitars is an indication that it hasn’t ceased.  The sounds of the hills flow through Cliff’s playing as well as his singing which bring both a soothing and whimsical element to the group. He is Up Past 9.

Tim was born a poor child in the ghetto.  Listening to the cacophony of sounds emanating from the streets, he developed the ability to draw the rhythm of life from the simplest of objects.  Time and groove are the key responsibilities in the group for Tim, which he takes seriously.  Never late for practice, and holding the tempo with his built-in metronome...  He is Up Past 9 (at least until the others decide to pull the trigger on the new drummer).

We are Up Past 9...

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